MATTERS is a data analytics tool designed to empower users to measure the health of the technology environment in Massachusetts (or any other state) and to allow easy and meaningful comparisons to any other state or group of states, with a particular focus on other "peer" states whose economies are similarly "tech-centric". MATTERS permits users to explore and analyze data that was previously disaggregated and static. We encourage users to "dive in" and explore the data and to utilize MATTERS as one of many tools that comprise their research and analysis and inform their decision making.

The MATTERS overview map highlights the 15 states that make up the MATTERS peer group. By selecting any individual state, users can access the full state profile.

The MATTERS data explorer permits users to customize their experience and retrieve data on one or more metrics from one or more states and across multiple years simultaneously. Data can be displayed in a variety of visualizations including tables, line charts, bar charts, and heatmaps.

The MATTERS API is a tool designed to provide users access to the data points in the MATTERS database in a quick and efficient manner by making use of the API calls. Full information on the MATTERS API and how to use it can be found in the API documentation.

MATTERS consolidates a set of key cost, economic, and talent metrics along with independent national rankings into a single source for use by all parties. MATTERS has been developed by faculty and students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with a team of subject matter experts from Mass. High Tech Council members and partner organizations.